Gladius MINI at AlphaGeo

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

We are proud to announce that we are an authorised reseller for Chasing Innovation's new underwater drone, the Gladius MINI.

The new agile, sleek, miniature and lighter underwater drone the Gladius MINI is now available to purchase on our website.

The Gladius MINI is just 384 x 224 x 137 mm and weighs under 2.5 kg. The maximum range is 100 m and is pressure rated to 100 m depth depth diving capacity. With a 4K/30fps/12 - megapixel camera with dual LED Spotlights and a maximum speed of 4 knots the Gladius MINI is definitely impressive.

Photos and video are now recorded on an onboard SD card inserted into the base station, the base station allows 720p video streamed to social media platforms like YouTube/Facebook.

Control is provided by 3 vertical thrusters, 2 horizontal thrusters and a flight controller, which results in great stability and the ability to depth/tilt lock.

Please visit our Gladius MINI page to enquire or purchase.

Gladius MINI Kit

The Gladius MINI showing off its LED Spotlights projecting light through the dark mysterious ocean.
Gladius MINI Action shot

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