A High Performance Receiver with Atlas® and IMU

Stonex S990A GNSS Receiver

The Stonex S990A is an 800 Channels GNSS receiver characterized by the new IMU System which allows tilted measurement (TILT) up to 60° and is not effected by electromagnetic interference.

S990A Receiver is also equipped with all the important connectivity capabilities: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UHF radio and 4G modem. An internal battery of 10.200mAh allows for up to 9 hours use time.

The inbuilt colour touch display and the WebUI are a quick and straightforward way of controlling the entire receiver.

With its RTK function and Atlas® correction service, the Stonex S990A is well suited to working challenging and remote areas. Atlas® provides a centimetre accurate correction through L-band communication satellites.

Inbuilt IMU

The new IMU allows for tilted measurements to be taken up to 60° with an accuracy of 5cm up to 60° and 2cm up to 30°.

UHF Double Frequency Radio with ATLAS®

The S990A has an integrated UHF double frequency radio (410-470MHz and 902.4-928MHz) with the individual needs of every country being supported. This, in conjunction with ATLAS®, means you will receive a strong signal wherever you are.

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