GNSS Receiver with a 5 watt Radio and Atlas®

Stonex S980A GNSS Receiver

Stonex S980A integrated GNSS receiver tracks all the present constellations and satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS and IRNSS.

Through the 4G GSM modem a fast internet connection is guaranteed wherever you are and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules ensure a reliable data flow to the controller. These features combined with the integrated 2-5 watt radio make S980A the perfect base station receiver.

The colour touch display and the potential to connect the receiver to an external antenna makes the S980A an extremely effective receiver for every type of job. The S980A is also equipped with an E-Bubble and an optional IMU enabling measurements to be taken up to 60° inclination with an accuracy of 5cm.

The S980A also has a 1PPS port which can be used in applications that require precise time synchronisation to ensure that multiple instruments work together or use the same parameters for system integration based time.

Inbuilt IMU and Electronic Bubble

The E-Bubble is displayed electronically on the software and the software automatically records a point when the pole is held vertically. The optional IMU allows for tilted measurements to be taken up to 60° with an accuracy of 5cm up to 60° and 2cm up to 30°. The IMU is immune to electromagnetic disturbances. 

Integrated 2-5W UHF Radio

The S980A comes with an integrated 2-5W UHF radio with 410-470MHz frequency. The radio works more effectively when equipped with the external radio antenna. 

Colour Touch Display

The S980A is equipped with a comfortable colour touch display to easily mangage and use the GNSS receiver. 

External GNSS Antenna

The S980A can be transformed from an RTK receiver, base or rover to CORS by connecting an external GNSS antenna to the receiver.

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