Android Handheld GNSS RTK

Stonex S70G GNSS RTK

S70G is a 4-constellation dual frequency GNSS system (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) which can collect data and photos in the field, in an easy and fast way. It is supplied with an antenna connected directly to the tablet which guarantees 2cm accuracy, but if required, an external antenna can be connected to collect even more precise data.

The S70G is equipped with the Android 10 operating system and has a highly detailed WUXGA resolution (1920×1200) display. The 8000mAh battery gives 8 hours of runtime and the IP67 protection makes the device suitable for any environment.

S70G is able to work in real time through the reception of RTK corrections, transmitted by a network of GNSS Permanent Stations. It can also record raw data received from satellites for post-processing in the office. In doing so. the S70G is able to achieve greater precision, enabling its use even in areas where there is poor GSM signal coverage.

Easily Configurable

The S70G has a simple and easy to use UI and uses Cube-a, SW Maps and Cube Connector to carry out its surveying functions.

Accurate to 2cm

The supplied antenna attaches onto the back of the S70G and provides accurate measurements to 2cm however, this can be improved by attaching an external antenna to the device.

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Download the specifications here.

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