Easy to use and light GNSS Receiver

Stonex S700A GNSS Receiver

Stonex S700A is a compact, high-performance GNSS receiver features a multiconstellation 800 channels GNSS board.

The S700A supports GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS and IRNSS. The S700A also supports L-Band correction.
The unique internal antenna combines GNSS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integrated modules to optimise space and increase performance. This technology provides stronger and cleaner signal monitoring. Designed for all day use, the S700A includes several helpful features: Linux Operating System, WEB UI interface, 4G Modem, high battery capacity, Type-C connector and IP67 certification.

The S700A GNSS receiver, thanks to the aRTK function and Atlas® correction service is an ideal solution for any surveying field work and in particular areas which are difficult to reach. 

aRTK and Atlas®

aRTK is a free feature available in the full version of the S700A which continues to provide precise locations up to 20 minutes after the receiver lose connection to the land based RTK correction source. 
In conjunction with its access to the Atlas® correction service, the S700A is perfect for working in hard to reach areas around the world.

Modular Receiver

It is possible to purchase the entry level version of the antenna then activate the full version as and when you need it. The standard version comes with L1 GNSS corrections with the full version having the L1, L2 and L3 GNSS corrections.

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