Compact GNSS Receiver for GIS & RTK Applications

Stonex S580 GNSS Receiver

The S580 is a compact and lightweight GNSS receiver, with outstanding performance and centimetre accuracy. The S580 tracks dual frequency signals and works with all satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS).

When compared to traditional GIS products, the S580 is a high-precision, intelligent data acquisition receiver that can be worn or attached to a pole, offering greater freedom of movement and increased flexibility. The S580 can communicate with an external device such as a tablet, smartphone or PC via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Using the internal web interface, or through the Cube-connector APP, the receiver can be configured and prepared to receive RTK differential corrections and ready to be connected to any survey or GIS software. The rubber protection cover increases device protection and provides a non-slip surface. Rated to IP67, the S580 can resist a fall of 1.2m onto a hard surface.

Easily Configurable

Through the Web UI or the Cub-Connector APP, the receiver can easily be configured to receive RTK differential corrections and is ready to be connected to any survey of GIS software.

Handheld and Extemely Portabl

From GIS to topographical surveys, the S580 is highly versatile and can be mounted in a variety of ways either on a person or on a survey pole.

Rover RTK with Radio

The S580 was designed as an RTK rover receiver
to receive differential corrections from the
Network. However, thanks to the external
Stonex SR02 radio, the receiver can also receive
RTK corrections, from a base that transmits
them via a UHF radio modem in the 410-470
MHz frequencies.
The SR02 external radio receives corrections
from the base station and transmits them to the
S580 via Cube-a.

Base/Rover RTK with Radio

New firmware enables the S580 to be used both as a base and rover.
The S580 can transmit and receive RTK
corrections through the SR02 Bluetooth radio.
Two S580s used as base and as rover, is an excellent
and complete low-cost solution.

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