Chasing M2 ROV PRO MAX

Chasing M2 Pro Max | Industrial-Grade Underwater ROV


The M2 Pro is the latest iteration in the M2 family of ROV’s. Designed for government and enterprise users, it adopts a brand new accessory mounting system designed with quick assembly and disassembly in mind.

It also makes use of a new shorebased power supply system and floodlight design to provide customers with a more user-friendly, professional and reliable ROV for use in industrial settings.

New (C-SPSS) Battery Design

The new Chasing Shore-Based Power Supply System (C-SPSS) uses a battery compartment design allowing for easier installation. The default 300Wh battery can be substituted for the C-SPSS battery to upgrade the battery life from 4 hours to 24 hours with shore-based power.

C-Motor 2.0

The C-Motor 2.0 offers improved power and reliability over the motors found on the M2 and the M2 Pro. They posses an enhanced anti-stick ability making them easier to clean and more reliable than their predecessors.  

Quick assembly design

Slide-in accessory mounting has been adopted with the M2 Pro Max to facilitate the rapid installation and disassembly of accessories on the ROV.  It combines the slide-in mounting platform and the ROV support rod.

4K+EIS Image Stabilisation Camera

M2 Pro Max has a camera with 4K video resolution and capable of capturing 12-megapixel photos. The camera is equipped with a 1/2.3″ Sony CMOS and a EIS anti-video shake feature. 

External, foldable floodlights

Two external 4000 lumen floodlights can be extended to a beam angle of 150° to resolve the visual interference caused by floating debris. This feature also allows for a stepless adjustment in brightness from 0-100%. The floodlights can be folded or unfolded underwater depending on the scenario.

Insight Statistics

Easy to use and powerful

Five Integrated Accessory ports

The docking station for accessories is now integrated into the ROV which greatly simplifies the installation of multiple accessories. It also removes the need for a large docking station to be attached externally.

0 K
Video Resolution
0 M
Max. photo pixel
0 °
-4 .8"

Omni-Directional Movement, Multi-Angle Shooting

Chasing M2 PRO Max has 8 vectored thrusters which allows for omni-directional movement. The depth can be set with one key, which can ensures the ROV will accurately hover, providing a stable platform for inspection or photography work.


Forward & Backward

Lateral Movement

Floating & Diving

Turn Left & Right

Rolling 360°

±90° Pitch and Tilt

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